New paintings

July 2019


A complex family situation transformed into a simple painting.


"Patchwork family with absentees" using motives from Livia L. and Nico T. / unscaled, coloured / 90 x 180 cm

June 2019


Even in the best family things go wrong:


"The punishment for my socially noticable sister" using a family drawing of Livia L. / unscaled, coloured / 105 x 150 cm

May 2019


Sometimes we are sick over the political news.


"The evil minister has a beautiful dream (inspired by H.K.)" using motives of Elias L., Livia L. und N. N. / scaled, coloured / 105 x 200 cm

April 2019


A colouring practice using a figural motive. Well done Toni!


"Ornament section" using a motive of Livia L. / scaled, coloured / 100 x 165 cm

March 2019



Seen in the evening, when coming home:


"full moon over Bad Sauerbrunn" using a motive of Livia L. / scaled, coloured / 100 x 130 cm

February 2019


A painting in the style of biblical themes.


"The tree of confusion" using motives of Livia L., Elias L., and Katharina N. / scaled, coloured / 130 x 135 cm

January 2019


A painting with a title that isn´t completely unknown in art history.


"The scream" using a motive of Livia L. / unscaled, coloured / 110 x 110 cm

December 2018


A collection of private events in 2018.


"Scatter diagram 2018" using motives of Livia L., Melanie M., and Elias L. / scaled, coloured / 200 x 110 cm

November 2018


A flower and two unidentifiable elements, version 2.


"Untitled" / Livia L. / non-scaled, coloured / 120 x 85 cm

October 2018


Unforeseen insights from outer space:


"Outer solar system" using a motive of Livia L. / coloured / 160 x 95 cm

September 2018


A painting with a motive from Livia in the center. She has no clue anymore what she wanted to depict.


"Respect for the inexplicable" using motives of Livia L. and Melanie M. / coloured / 130 x 130 cm

August 2018


Our comment to the current political discussion:


"Fortress Europe" / Paul H. and N.N. / scaled, coloured / 120 x 170 cm

July 2018


Motives from flora and fauna, drawn by Livia.


"Untitled" / Livia L. / non-scaled, coloured / 140 x 200 cm

June 2018


A drawing of Marlene with a surprising title.


"Empty prison" / Marlene P. / scaled, coloured / 130 x 110 cm

May 2018


Portrait Helga K.


"Portrait Helga K." / Elias L. / scaled, coloured / 130 x 145 cm

April 2018


A flower and two unidentifiable elements.


"Untitled" / Livia L. / non-scaled, coloured / 120 x 85 cm

March 2018


A single figure with unidentifiable elements on the side.


"Untitled" / Livia L. / scaled, coloured / 120 x 85 cm

February 2018


Jakob is already quite puzzeld facing all these influences.


"Jakob as propeller" using a self portrait of Jakob K. / scaled, motive rotated /

/ 140 x 140 cm

January 2018


A punchy face from Livia.


"Untitled" / Livia L. / non-scaled, coloured / 110 x 130 cm

December 2017


Jakob explores a violett colour cavern.


"Lost Jakob", using a self portrait of Jakob K. / scaled, motive rotated / 140 x 100 cm

November 2017


An impressive representation of a family, drawn by a child from a farmer family from Cameroon. We found the original in the book "Children draw their world" (German title "Kinder zeichnen ihre Welt", Verlag das Netz, 2014, published by Ariane Gernhardt, Rita Balakrishnan, and Heike Drexler.


"Family" / N.N. / non-scaled, coloured / 130 x 130 cm

October 2017


A flying, farting pig from Elias. Any similarities with his grandfather Sepp are caused by chance.


"Figure" / Elias L. / non-scaled, coloured / 140 x 140 cm

September 2017



"Family" / Livia L. / non-scaled, coloured / 190 x 135 cm

August 2017


It´s finished! Because of the many details Melanie called it "the creepy one".


"Untitled (leisure scenes)" / Livia L. / non-scaled, coloured / 200 x 150 cm

July 2017



A drawing of Livia with a very nice title.


"Carrot and worm" / Livia L. / non-scaled, coloured / 120 x 170 cm

June 2017



A garden scene from Livia.


"Untitled" / Livia L. / non-scaled, coloured / 120 x 85 cm

May 2017



A picture of Livia. She captured the magical moment of entering the world of numbers.


"Untitled" / Livia L. / non-scaled, coloured / 140 x 140 cm

April 2017



A drawing of Melanie: she was around 7 years old when she drew entire towns. The painting shows a small detail of a drawing with over 100 buildings. Melanie concentrated at that time two days on the drawing, she had to glue together two big sheets of paper to depict all the town.


"Untitled" / Melanie M. / picture detail, coloured / 75 x 135 cm

March 2017


Since the 20th some of our pictures are exhibited at Café Nola, Mautner Markhofgasse 58/4, 1110 Vienna. 


A new picture is also included, based on a drawing of Oliver Sóm, the two and a half years old son of the extremely friendly Nola-owners. Oliver is fascinated by trains and depicted with fast lines the dynamic movement of a train.


"Train" / Oliver S. / non-scaled, coloured / 120 x 85 cm

February 2017


A drawing of Aniko, at that time around 5 years old: a fairy!


The painting is a present of her grandmother Barbara for Aniko´s mother Daniela.


"Fairy" / Aniko C. / non-scaled, coloured / 95 x 110cm

January 2017


A painting from Anna to Anna, a journey through time back to her childhood.


Anna was around 3 years old when she made the drawing.


Happy birthday Anna!!!


"Self portrait" / Anna C. / non-scaled, coloured / 90 x 115 cm

December 2016



Still before X-mas the painting of a family arrived at the buyer in Germany.


Enjoy the picture, dear Ada!


"Family" / Livia L. / non-scaled, coloured / 200 x 140 cm